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Building trust since 1950

Oljibe AB is a family-owned construction company in Sweden, building trust since 1950. We are a customer-focused partner with a holistic approach that utilises high levels of commitment and innovation to create value. Oljibe is an expanding construction company operating within buildings, offices, shops, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, research/pharmaceutical facilities and industries. We provide services in all construction types such as turnkey, general construction and collaborative construction (partnering).

Returning customers and long-term, close partnerships are highly valued, which means that in many cases, Oljibe chooses the customer rather than the project.

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About Oljibe

Number of employees: About 70. We have our own construction workers.
Turnover: Around 500 million SEK annually (52 million EURO).
Operating in: Stockholm, Uppsala and Södertälje.
Founded: 1950
Quality system: BF9K (www.bf9k.com)